Re: Many domains, one Cyrus

From: Michael Fair (no email)
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 17:11:13 EDT

You cannot, at this time, have multiple domains and one Cyrus
in the way you want it. There's nothing more to say. Given
the current constraints it cannot be done. You must go to a
multiple Cyrus solution unless you are willing to change
login identifiers.

To accomplish this using only one machine and without changing
login IDs you must use 1 IP address per domain and run multiple
master processes.

You can either create "jails" via chroot, or you can specfiy
the -c parameter to read different configuration files for
each of the master processes. See the archives for instructions.

Even if you were to hack the source code you could not do
what you wanted. This is a design limitation in the IMAPv4
specification, or DNS, or both depending on how you want to
look at it. Unlike HTTP 1.1, the domain name an IMAP
client is trying to contact is not listed as part of the
greeting paramters and therefore the only information the
server has to distinguish domain information comes from
the login id. I've been over it, it cannot be done. The
closest I got was modifying the IMAP clients to use SVR
record lookups rather than A record lookups and run the
different domains on different ports of the same IP, but
this is not a generic solution because ALL IMAP clients
would have to contact the servers via SVR records.

You can use fully qualified email addresses as login IDs.
"" can be used with the heirer-sep patch
which converts the heirarchy separator character to "/"
instead of ".". This is what I recommend. This is the
easiest for your end users to understand, and provides
for other options in the future (like domain grouped
shared folders) in the easiest most straightforward manner.

Beyond that there are other source code changes that
can be made to give an even more clean separation between
domains in the server which you could work on, but it
is impossible to create web-like virtual domains
with IMAP due to design limitations. I hope IMAPv5 or
whatever becomes the official standard fixes this
limitation as it currently is the bane of many an
ISPs existence (including my own. We essentially
dropped our whole IMAP transition as a result of too
many engineering and plausible complication problems
(like scaling)).

Good Luck,
-- Michael --

On Thu, 2001-10-04 at 07:46, djinn wrote:
> I am looking for a way to set up cyrus (2.0.9) to deliver to mail boxes
> that are unique within their domain but not necessarily across the
> entire server.
> For example, we have a client named Chris Primus, .
> We have another client, Christopher Secundus, .
> These are obviously not the same people, and their mail should go to
> different mailboxes. The obvious and oft-suggested method for this is
> to create mailboxes named chris.client1 and chris.client2 and map,
> either with aliases or LDAP, ->chris.client1.
> This is fine and works well once you get it set up (I have). However,
> both Chris's have existing accounts with us, both Chris's pay us a lot
> of money and both Chris's are not technically savvy and will get very
> annoyed if I call them up and tell them that they have to change their
> Outlook mail settings to log in as a new, harder to remember username to
> check their mail. I have read that Cyrus can handle this sort of
> thing. Can anyone who's faced a similar situation help me out?
> jenn

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