Many domains, one Cyrus

From: djinn (no email)
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 10:46:49 EDT

I am looking for a way to set up cyrus (2.0.9) to deliver to mail boxes
that are unique within their domain but not necessarily across the
entire server.

For example, we have a client named Chris Primus, .
We have another client, Christopher Secundus, .

These are obviously not the same people, and their mail should go to
different mailboxes. The obvious and oft-suggested method for this is
to create mailboxes named chris.client1 and chris.client2 and map,
either with aliases or LDAP, ->chris.client1.

This is fine and works well once you get it set up (I have). However,
both Chris's have existing accounts with us, both Chris's pay us a lot
of money and both Chris's are not technically savvy and will get very
annoyed if I call them up and tell them that they have to change their
Outlook mail settings to log in as a new, harder to remember username to
check their mail. I have read that Cyrus can handle this sort of
thing. Can anyone who's faced a similar situation help me out?


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