Re: cyrus sasl ldap auth for imapd

From: Thomas Vogt (tv at solnet dot ch)
Date: Thu Oct 07 2004 - 15:02:32 EDT

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    Igor Brezac wrote:
    > On Wed, 6 Oct 2004, Thomas Vogt wrote:
    >> Hi List
    >> ATM I use an own written patch for cyrus-imapd very similiar to the
    >> auth_unix.c in cyrus imapd 1.6.x without any sasl support. It works
    >> but it isn't that handy if I try to update imapd and I've to write
    >> several patches with the same function for other apps which uses my ldap.
    >> Now I try to add a ldap authentification with cyrus sasl2 for cyrus
    >> imapd 2.2.x.
    >> I saw that saslauthd with auth_ldap.c provide such function. I've a
    >> kind of special ldap mail configuration where the user can use
    >> username or the alias name for imapd authentification. So my old
    >> auth_myown.c patch for cyrus-imapd did a ldap lookup and search for
    >> the email adress (filter mailacceptinggernerlid=<email>) in the ldap
    >> directory. Then get the uid attribut from the entry and replaced the
    >> buffer with this uid.
    >> Anyway my question is. Where is the easiest way to add such thing with
    >> sasl2? Directly in saslauthd/auth_ldap.c?
    > Can you use a filter like:
    > (!(uid=%u)(mailacceptinggernerlid=%u))?

    I'll try this. I've never seen this before. Is there a documentation
    about the filter options?
    Perhaps with this I don't have to write a patch.


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