Re: pwcheck_method and GSSAPI

From: Patrick Ben Koetter (p at state-of-mind dot de)
Date: Mon Jun 28 2004 - 16:47:08 EDT

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    * Andreas <andreas at conectiva dot com dot br> [040628 22:22]:
    > GSSAPI seems to be "different". In order to use, say, DIGEST-MD5, I need
    > something to store the secret, like sasldb, sql or even ldapdb. These are
    > auxprop mechanisms. GSSAPI seems to go around this, and it obviously doesn't
    > use saslauthd since it's not a plaintext mechanism. So, would it be correct
    > that there are 3 classes of authentication mechanisms?
    > - shared secret (which need an auxprop plugin)
    > - plaintext (pwcheck_method set to saslauthd)
    > - gssapi (nothing else needed, pwcheck_method not relevant?)

    Intereting question, but unfortunately out of my scope at the moment.
    Maybe someone else hops in and sheds some light on us...


    Patrick Koetter <p at state-of-mind dot de>

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