Re: Mail architecture (was Re: need help with ldapdb plugin)

From: Simon Matter (simon dot matter at ch dot sauter-bc dot com)
Date: Wed Jun 16 2004 - 08:39:41 EDT

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    > Igor Brezac wrote:
    >>>>Only userPassword and cmusaslsecretMECHNAME properties can be
    >>>>used for storing secrets.
    >>>And userPassword must be the Cleartext-Password.
    > So it's seems once again i'm running into a wall, I want to use the same
    > password for all mail-related tasks (imap && smtp auth).
    > Let's make a summary of my requirements then:
    > 1) shell access, imap access and stmp auth for all users

    no problem with userPassword as SSHA in LDAP

    > 2) no single password transmittable in clear text

    no problem with ssh, imap/tls, smtp/starttls does it, transport encryption
    is the key here

    > 3) either one single password for everything, or one for shell access
    > and one for mail access (from the user point of view)

    one password works fine

    > 4) all password modifiable by the user directly

    works fine too, every user is able to change his own password in ldap.

    > In a previous incarnation, we had passwords stored in three different
    > places (/etc/shadow for shell, imapdb for imap, sasldb for smtp auth),
    > with only cram-md5 autentication allowed, filling requirements 1 and 2.
    > 3 and 4 were only achievable by creating setuid front-ends for accessing
    > imapdb and sasldb. So we switched to LDAP just to make all passwords
    > stored in one place, thinking administration would be easier. However, I
    > still didn't found a way to have both iamp and stmp auth use the same
    > LDAP property with digest or cram-md5 autentication scheme.
    > Can anyone suggest another setup ? We're not bound to courier-imap, nor
    > to LDAP mandatorily, and 2) could also be achieved using clear-text
    > autentication over crypted transport layer (see my other thread).
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