Re: I lost my SMTP AUTH, help!

From: Mark London (mrl at psfc dot mit dot edu)
Date: Wed Jun 09 2004 - 23:54:18 EDT

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    Ah, so I didn't realize lose them, but more likely it's not checking
    the right database. I need it to check password in the NIS database
    on our network, and it was so long ago that I set that up originally,
    it'll probably take me all day tomorrow to figure it out. Sigh.

    P.s. To the other person who replied, no I didn't work at DEC.

    At 8:29 PM -0700 6/9/04, Claus Assmann wrote:
    >On Wed, Jun 09, 2004, Mark London wrote:
    >> I had to upgrade from Redhat 9 to Redhat enterprise 3, which meant
    >> wiping the disk. I thought I brought everything over, but now
    >> SENDMAIL doesn't advertise SMTP AUTH LOGIN or PLAIN capability. If I
    >> include DIGEST-MD5 & CRAM-MD5 in my trusted auth list in,
    >> those do get properly advertised by sendmail. Any ideas?
    >> define(`confAUTH_OPTIONS', `A p y')dnl
    >See doc/op/op.* in your sendmail distribution.
    > AuthOptions
    > p don't permit mechanisms susceptible to simple
    > passive attack (e.g., PLAIN, LOGIN), unless a
    > security layer is active.
    >-> you won't see PLAIN unless STARTTLS has been used.

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