Re: Cyrus IMAP 10 Year Anniversary

From: Ken Murchison (ken at oceana dot com)
Date: Thu Jun 03 2004 - 14:23:54 EDT

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    Etienne Goyer wrote:

    > Rob Siemborski wrote:
    >> I'm happy to share with you that today, June 4, 2004, marks the 10
    >> year anniversary of the first public alpha release of the Cyrus IMAP
    >> server.
    > Just being curious M. Siemborski: have you been part of the project
    > since the beginning ? What about the other major contibutors (like Ken
    > M.) ?

    I've been working with Cyrus since sometime in 1997. I began sending
    Larry patches to fix broken stuff in Sieve in 2000 and shortly
    thereafter he gave me a CMU account and CVS write access. I started
    hacking IMAP by adding SORT and THREAD and things spiraled out of
    control from there.

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