NTLM(2) support

From: Olle Mulmo (olle at mulmo dot net)
Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 14:55:51 EST

I use SASL-2.1.17 and Cyrus IMAP, and have configured my clients to connect
with NTLM. Outlook Express 6 connects fine, but Outlook 2000 fails.
Snooping the traffic, the latter seems to authenticate as <user>@<computer>
regardless of what I put in O2K's configuration. I'm stuck with supporting
this mailer due to license and policy constrictions.

Trying to circumvent this problem, I added <user>@<computer> to sasldb2.
This changed the error message on the client side from "connection failed"
to "NTLM authentication failed", which I took as a partly encouraging sign.

Looking in the archives, I found a thread reporting a similar problem a
month or two back, and that the problem would be investigated further. Any
additional reports on this problem?



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