Re: Kerberos x pam

From: Rob Siemborski (rjs3 at andrew dot cmu dot edu)
Date: Wed Mar 17 2004 - 09:39:51 EST

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    I'm not sure about your windows-related issues, but I can speek from a
    Heimdal Kerberos enviornment..

    On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, Estevam Henrique Carvalho wrote:

    > What is the best way of providing the users to access the e-mail using the
    > Windows password ? pam_winbind or Kerberos ?
    > Will the Kerberos 5 work with Cyrus and SASL ?

    Yes -- though, as I said, I'll remain silent about Microsoft Kerberos.

    > Does Kerberos also require plan text password as pam modules does ?

    If you mean "plaintext over the network" -- neither of these requires
    that, you can always throw a TLS layer on top to protect the plaintext
    password. Kerberos (via the GSSAPI SASL mechanism) will avoid sending the
    password across the network alltogether, however.

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    This sort of disclaimer used on a public mailing list can make it very
    difficult to respond.


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