Re: Mysql auxprop plugin stupid things and redundant queries

From: Alex (postfix at webgate dot ro)
Date: Sat Mar 13 2004 - 13:55:55 EST

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    Hi Rob,

    >We have no way of telling, as the client, wether transactions are
    >supported or not (atleast, not without doing more work than just using
    That is the reason for i suggested to be used a constant as a swith (at
    top of sql.c) and let the user fully freedom to choose if transaction
    will be used or not!
    I don't think that could be a permanent solution, but temporarry, till
    somebody will recode sql.c could be.....

    >>innodb data type is used, if you are makeing just ONE select into ONE
    >>(or more) table, no matter how many fiels are you selecting at the same
    >>time, this settings is unusefull too...
    >Yes, this is true. However, the varied enviornments we are expected to
    >work in make this hugely difficult to do in a configurable way. If you
    >ahve a suggestion as to how to re-write the sql_select parameter such that
    >it can work in all enviornments, please let me know.
    I suggested to use a constant as a switch. How you can imagine that on
    production server, can be accepted 75% more overheat, just because
    nobody observed this problem or programmer missed or ignored
    deliberately this detail!!!!! And more then that, even innodb is not
    used!!!! Few years ago, i want to use auxprop mysql plugin and i give up
    because i considered it to imature for use on production servers and not
    well documented. Now, it looks better, but continue to have problems...
    If there is no way to correct it i will be forced to come back to pam.

    >I'm glad I don't live in your world where "easy to configure software"
    >requires code changes and recompilation.
    I asked for a SOLUTION NOT FOR AN EXPLANATION about how can i disable
    transactions on sql.c script.
    What code should be changed or commented out.
    I am accustomed with sql (mysql) and other programming language. Trust
    me....this problem is not a problem and can be gently fixed.

    >Because the plugin is attempting to retrieve two different properties --
    >two different %p values.
    ok. In this case my question is: how can be instructed this plugin to
    return ONLY ONE properties?


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