Re: Reconstructing mailboxes -- another question

Subject: Re: Reconstructing mailboxes -- another question
From: Pascal Gienger (pg at finesse-net dot de)
Date: Thu May 29 2003 - 11:55:46 EDT

Charles Lepple <clepple at ghz dot cc> wrote:

> Documentation for the db3 utilities is here:
> A trivial mailboxes.db would be represented as follows (obtained with
> 'db_dump -p mailboxes.db'):

Why so complicated?

Cyrus imap comes with a mboxlist utility. It can be used to import and
export the mailbox database to ascii format.

Just do (as cyrus user):

ctl_mboxlist -d > yourdumpfile

The mailboxdump will then be in the file "yourdumpfile".

The format is (one mailbox per line)


An excerpt of my mailbox-dumpfile is here:

user.japhet default japhet lrswipcda
user.japhet.forpascal default japhet lrswipcda pascal lrs
user.pascal default pascal lrswipcda
user.pascal.cyrus-sasl default pascal lrswipcda
user.pascal.dhcp-server default pascal lrswipcda default pascal lrswipcda default pascal lrswipcda

"user.japhet.forpascal" is an example for 2 ACL-Users.

Just create this file (or append your mailboxes to it) and then do:

ctl_mboxlist -u < yourdumpfile

Try it with a non-production-system first. Sure. :)


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