Re: sasl authentication problem

Subject: Re: sasl authentication problem
From: Pascal Gienger (pg at finesse-net dot de)
Date: Thu May 29 2003 - 11:35:16 EDT

Ronald Rough <ron dot rough at mail dot dfrc dot nasa dot gov> wrote:

> May 23 19:14:30 roughrider imapd[21946]: [ID 254344 user.error] could
> not getenv(CYRUS_SERVICE); exiting

This is not a SASL problem. It is a problem of your Cyrus imapd
It seems that your imapd does not get started correctly by master(8).
The cyrus master process gives an important environment to these

How did you start your IMAP server?
What did "master" say in your logfile?
If you are stuck, there is the "info-cyrus" mailing list for
discussions of cyrus imapd.


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