Re: Configuring SASL correctly for SMTP AUTH

Subject: Re: Configuring SASL correctly for SMTP AUTH
From: Norbert Klasen (norbert+lists dot cyrus-sasl at burgundy dot dyndns dot org)
Date: Thu May 29 2003 - 03:48:06 EDT

--On Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2003 11:23 -0400 Mark London <mrl at PSFC dot MIT dot EDU>

> P.s. As an aside, with PLAIN authentication method enabled, Netscape 4.78
> seems to require entering a username and password, there doesn't seem to
> be a way to turn it off. Yeah this netscape is ancient, but it's hard to
> believe that this is the case, so if there's a better configuration that
> avoids this problem, I would appreciate knowing, although I realize this
> question might be better posed on another mailing list.

You could enable SMTP AUTH only on the submission port (587) and allow
relaying via the default SMTP port (25) based on IP. This way mail clients
on your intneral network wouldn't need a configuratin change. Clients
outside your network can set their smtp host to something like
"" and then use SMTP AUTH.


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