Re: Configuring SASL correctly for SMTP AUTH

Subject: Re: Configuring SASL correctly for SMTP AUTH
From: Mark London (mrl at PSFC dot MIT dot EDU)
Date: Wed May 28 2003 - 15:00:40 EDT

> > As for why netscape is ALWAYS asking for a password when sending mail..
> > NEtscape 4.7.x has an annoying "bug" (well I think it is).. If the smtp
> > server CAN support authentication then netscape WILL use it.. I've seen
> > no way to disable it.. If you don't want netscape to authenticate then
> > have your mailserver NOT broadcast that it can..
> Just add
> user_pref("mail.auth_login", false);
> in your preferences.js or prefs.js file.
> With this option, Netscape 4.x won't try to authenticate for SMTP.

However, if I try to use Netscape 4.x with SMTP AUTH, and I tell it to always
use SASL (rather than "if possible"), it fails to authenticate. Netscape 7
work ok. Is the version of SASL in Netscape 4.x incompatible with SASL
version 2 in Cyrus? - mMark

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