Re: saslauthd instability with sockets

Subject: Re: saslauthd instability with sockets
From: Jeremy Rumpf (jrumpf at heavyload dot net)
Date: Tue May 20 2003 - 14:56:21 EDT

> We tried this as part of our upgrade to 2.1.13. When it didn't work,
> we fell back to our previous 2.1.10 build (using UNIX sockets) and
> have not yet done anything more with it. It's not clear whether
> the problems were due to the new caching code, other changes, or
> the doors themselves. We'll probably try 2.1.13 with UNIX sockets
> next to see if that works, hopefully in a test environment first.
> Steve

Out of curiosity, what mech were/are you using?


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