AUTH failure (login): no mechanism available (-4)

Subject: AUTH failure (login): no mechanism available (-4)
From: Steve Mertz (IMAP) (steve at openspirit dot com)
Date: Tue May 20 2003 - 11:36:34 EDT

I'm getting so close I can almost taste it!

But now, when I try to login to the server I'm getting:

AUTH failure (login): no mechanism available (-4)

Now, I'm getting AUTH info when I telnet into the server:
May 20 10:23:19 marcos sm-mta[2086]: h4KFNGoL002086: --- 250-AUTH PLAIN

I telnet to my server, and issue the AUTH LOGIN, enter in the
username/password (in base64) and it comes back with this.
535 5.7.0 authentication failed

The log file gets:
May 20 10:23:29 marcos sm-mta[2086]: h4KFNGoL002086: AUTH failure
(login): no mechanism available (-4)

I'm thinking I might be missing something in one of the config files but
I can't figure out what so here is what I have:
pwcheck_method: shadow
mech_list: plain login

srvtab: /var/app/srvtab
pwcheck_method: sasldb

Srv_Features: V

Is there anything else that should be added there? Or some other config
file needs to be created/updated?

-- Steve

Steve Mertz
System Administrator

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