Re: problem after upgrading from 3.23 to 4.0

Subject: Re: problem after upgrading from 3.23 to 4.0
From: Leonardo Rodrigues Magalh„es (leolistas at solucoesip dot net)
Date: Sun May 04 2003 - 15:51:18 EDT

    Petri, the patchs you sent me worked perfectly !! Now I got SASL2 linked
with MYSQL4 libs, working OK and no error is logged at all.

    Thanks very much.

    Leonardo Rodrigues

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From: "Petri Riihikallio" <Petri dot Riihikallio at Metis dot fi>
To: <cyrus-sasl at lists dot andrew dot cmu dot edu>
Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2003 1:50 PM
Subject: Re: problem after upgrading from 3.23 to 4.0

> > I'm using MySQL in some mail servers I manage. Those mail server are
> >running postfix ( MySQL as account backend ) and SASL2 ( using cyrus-sasl
> >2.1.xx for SMTP Authentication using users stored on MySQL ).
> >
> > I'm running postfix version 2 ( 2.0.8, almost latest ) and things
> >working just fine. I was using MySQL 3.23.56.
> >
> > After upgrading to MySQL 4.0.12, things keep working OK. Neither
> >nor sasl need to be recompiled. Just upgraded MySQL and things worked
> >
> > But today I needed to compile newest cyrus-sasl ( 2.1.13 ) library
> >one of the machines I migrated to MySQL4. Compilation is OK, install is
> >Things are working ( i mean, users can authenticate using their accounts
> >stored in the MySQL ). But I started to get LOT of this in
> >/var/log/messages:
> >
> >Apr 30 15:42:57 ns1 postfix/smtpd[24886]: unable to dlopen
> >/usr/lib/sasl2/ /usr/lib/sasl2/ undefined
> >symbol: mysql_connect
> You must use mysql_real_connect from version 4.0 on.
> Michael van Elst has submitted a patch for the change. I don't know
> whether it has been applied to the latest release. I took the liberty
> to attach the patch below.

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