problem after upgrading from 3.23 to 4.0

Subject: problem after upgrading from 3.23 to 4.0
From: Leonardo Rodrigues Magalh„es (leolistas at solucoesip dot net)
Date: Wed Apr 30 2003 - 15:44:35 EDT

    Hello Guys,

    I'm using MySQL in some mail servers I manage. Those mail server are
running postfix ( MySQL as account backend ) and SASL2 ( using cyrus-sasl
2.1.xx for SMTP Authentication using users stored on MySQL ).

    I'm running postfix version 2 ( 2.0.8, almost latest ) and things were
working just fine. I was using MySQL 3.23.56.

    After upgrading to MySQL 4.0.12, things keep working OK. Neither postfix
nor sasl need to be recompiled. Just upgraded MySQL and things worked fine.

    But today I needed to compile newest cyrus-sasl ( 2.1.13 ) library in
one of the machines I migrated to MySQL4. Compilation is OK, install is OK.
Things are working ( i mean, users can authenticate using their accounts
stored in the MySQL ). But I started to get LOT of this in

Apr 30 15:42:57 ns1 postfix/smtpd[24886]: unable to dlopen
/usr/lib/sasl2/ /usr/lib/sasl2/ undefined
symbol: mysql_connect

    I tried to compile newest cyrus-sasl ( 2.1.13 ) in another MySQL 4.0.12
machine ( MySQL upgraded from 3.23 to 4.0.12 too, using official RPMs ) and
I could reproduce the problem. Users can authenticate, but I keep getting
the error.

    As a final try, I compiled cyrus-sasl library ( 2.1.13 ) in a machine
running MySQL3 ( 3.23.56 ). I did ./configure with the options I need and
make. I didnt make install. I got a copy of the whole directory ( .tar.gz ),
moved to those MySQL4 machines, uncompressed, and make install.
Authentication worked OK and i got NO errors.

    It seems to be this problem is happening when I have cyrus-sasl linked
to MySQL4 libraries. When cyrus-sasl is linked to MySQL3 libraries, i dont
have the problem. And when cyrus-sasl is linked to MySQL3 and MySQL is
upgraded to 4, no problem occurs neither.

    One interesting note: I use Red Hat Linux and I had some problems
migrating to MySQL4. I used official RPMs and RPM didnt upgrade MySQL-shared
because it would break some dependencies of others RPMs. I contact Lenz,
official packager of MySQL RPMs, and he told me to upgrade all packages and
let MySQL-shared from MySQL3. I did this. RPMs here are:

[root@ns1 tmp]# rpm -qa | grep MySQL

    Do you think this ( keeping shared from MySQL3 ) can be causing this
kind of problem ? I must confess ALL programs continued to work after this
partial upgrade. But this is the first time I tries to compile something on
these machines ......

    Final question: have you ever seen something like this ??? Any clue ??
If you need some extra information, I'm ready to give you them.

    Thanks for your attention and sorry for the cross-posting.

    Leonardo Rodrigues

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