Re: reconstructing mailboxes

Subject: Re: reconstructing mailboxes
From: Christian Schulte (cs at schulte dot it)
Date: Wed Apr 30 2003 - 12:21:28 EDT

Henry Umansky wrote:

> No matter what I try, it seems like I can't recover my mailboxes.
> sh-2.04$ ./reconstruct -m
> reconstructing mailboxes.db currently not supported
> sh-2.04$ ./reconstruct -r user
> user: Mailbox does not exist

This will definetly want to be a complete mailbox description! How it is
represented in cyrus depends on your version and imapd.conf! Try
"reconstruct -r user.username" or "reconstruct user/username" or
"reconstruct user/username@cyrus-virt-domain" ! It works! Only
reconstruct -m currenty is not supported...

> sh-2.04$ ./ctl_mboxlist -d

Are you running all these as the cyrus-user ?

> fatal error: can't read mailboxes file

What does syslog tell you about it ? Do you have propper permissions on
configdirectory and partitions ?


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