Re: My thoughts on SASL.

Subject: Re: My thoughts on SASL.
From: Christian Schulte (cs at schulte dot it)
Date: Wed Apr 23 2003 - 10:50:26 EDT

Derek Ragona wrote:

> Joe,
> Thanks for the reply. I have logging setup, but not for the saslauthd
> as I cannot even read the options for the daemon. The man page is not
> formatted and not completely readable. If there is a proper man page
> I can get, I'd love to have it.

This looks interesting for me. I had problems with messed up/missing
manpage of saslauthd too. On Solaris 8 x86 I did a cvs checkout of sasl
and generated the configure-script with ./SMakefile and somehow
everytime this led to things not getting build correctly. I could
./configure and compile sasl but after a *successful* make install the
man page auf saslauthd was completely missing and other things seemed to
be incorrect so that sasl was unusable. I then stopped taking the
sources from cvs und downloaded the source tarball from ftp. This
tarball already contains the configure script and with this
not-self-generated configure script everything worked out of the box and
all installation problems which led to not being able to get sasl
working correctly disappeared at once (..and that also gave me the
saslauthd manpage..). I think this is heavily depending on my
autoconf/automake installation on Solaris which is also built from
source so that maybe others will never be able to reproduce it. For me I
still cannot use sasl from cvs with that setup because of autoconf
messing something up during ./SMakefile. So for sasl I can only say: Use
the distribution tarball directly from cmu and read all documentation in
the doc/ directory carefully! Everytime I had problems I asked for help
here on the list, someone could point me to the location of a
description to my problem somewhere in the doc/ directory. However one
has to look twice at the doc/ directory and the html-files therein to
find a solution for a problem! Sometimes a single word in an unimportant
looking sentence is the solution! Btw: After migrating from Solaris to
Debian I can use sasl from cvs without any problems on if
you build sasl from source be sure that you have a "compatible"
autoconf/automake installation because things get very confusing if not.
What should I say, ./configure --..;make;make install all worked but did
not produce a working sasl installation on Solaris where it now does on
I would bet that I only had a broken autoconf or something like that, of
course. As I read your post about a messed up saslauthd manpage I
remembered the hours of work I spent setting up sasl on Solaris which
almost drove me crazy because make install never complained about
If I had used the cmu distribution tarball right from the beginning,
maybe I never even would have had to read the sasl documentation ;-)


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