Re: NTLM authorization configuration

Subject: Re: NTLM authorization configuration
From: Sebastian Hagedorn (Hagedorn at uni-koeln dot de)
Date: Tue Apr 08 2003 - 03:42:23 EDT

--On Montag, 7. April 2003 14:44 Uhr -0400 Jeffrey Layton
<jtlayton at bigfoot dot com> wrote:

> I'm implementing a couple of LDAP servers using OpenLDAP, and would like
> to have them authenticate to an NT server. I saw that there was an NTLM
> plugin for Cyrus SASL, but so far I haven't seen any documentation (or
> old archive emails) on configuring it. Will this do what I want? If so,
> how do I configure it?

Well, we are using NTLM for sendmail and for cyrus-imapd. There was no
configuration to be done. I just enabled NTLM and that was it. Note that we
are using sasldb.

Hmm, I just reread your mail and I guess I misunderstood. We are using
SASL's NTLM support on the server side, but you want to use it on the
client, right?

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