RE: Compile/configure question.

Subject: RE: Compile/configure question.
From: Klyne, Simon (Simon dot Klyne at commerzbankib dot com)
Date: Wed Apr 02 2003 - 11:38:19 EST

In the there is:

which bit me when I was trying to build SASL 2.1.12 for Solaris 64bit

I just removed it (along with some other changes) and then got the
'SMakefile' from CVS and did a reconfig to recreate 'configure'.
There are also additions to CPPFLAGS to get /usr/local/include which you
might want to remove.

I would like to have to specify these directories myself to 'configure' when

I can send my diffs if you want


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Subject: Compile/configure question.

Hello all.

Why does LDFLAGS look like this (config.status):

s%@LDFLAGS@%-L/usr/local/lib -Wl,-rpath,/usr/local/lib \
-L/ldap/util/openssl/lib -L/ldap/util/sasl/lib -L/ldap/util/db/lib \
-Wl,-rpath,/ldap/util/openssl/lib -Wl,-rpath,/ldap/util/sasl/lib \
-Wl,-rpath,/ldap/util/db/lib -lcrypt%g
s%@LIBS@%-lresolv %g

when I defined

export LDFLAGS="-L$OPENLDAP_UTIL/openssl/lib \
                -L$OPENLDAP_UTIL/sasl/lib \
                -L$OPENLDAP_UTIL/db/lib \
                -Wl,-rpath,$OPENLDAP_UTIL/openssl/lib \
                -Wl,-rpath,$OPENLDAP_UTIL/sasl/lib \
                -Wl,-rpath,$OPENLDAP_UTIL/db/lib \


Why is /usr/local/lib included first, and why at all? I have multiple
versions of OpenSSL on my machines and the version in /usr/local is
not the one I'm after.

This breaks both my Linux and Solaris build(with different LDFLAGS).

I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone know?


Mathias Meisfjordskar
GNU/Linux addict.

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