[aseek-users] Non-web indexing and querying?

From: Martin Sjögren (no email)
Date: Thu Jun 26 2003 - 04:21:10 EDT


I'm looking around at indexing&querying engines and aspseek seems very
impressive. However, our interest is not in web indexing, but having a
full text search in our workflow application (a client/server system).
Thus, I wonder, how is the support for
* Indexing non-web sources, like strings in a database, or having an API
(preferrably well-documented :) for indexing so I can write a program to
drag the strings out of the database and put them in the index?
* Querying this from something else than a cgi script? I realize that
since there's searchd, I can ask it from another program, but how does
that work?

Also, since we have multiple text sources, I would like to index them
separately, is it simple to have several indices and when querying,
specify which index to search?

Does aspseek have these things? If not, can someone give me an idea of
how much work it would be to implement these things? We'd rather spend
time on improving an existing, free, engine than writing our own hack.


Martin Sjögren
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