Re: [aseek-users] Spaces and 'more results from'

From: Kir Kolyshkin (no email)
Date: Wed Jan 08 2003 - 17:54:05 EST

Well, what you have done is merely removing '&ul=your_url_limit' string
from HREFs pointing to other search results.

Non-modified ASPseek works just fine with spaces. Look at, for example,

Probably in your setup you use spaces and ul= limits at the same time.
Well, this should not be a problem either. So I do not understand at all
what have you done.

Charlie Farinella wrote:
> We assign spaces to URLs in order to not display certain search
> results. Recently we found that this seems to break the "more results
> from" function in Aspseek.
> In order to work around this we altered the following line in the
> templates.cpp file (line 1702):
> From: phref += sprintf(phref, "%s?q=%s%s%s", templ->self,
> m_query_url_escaped.c_str(), m_r_str, m_ul_str);
> To:phref += sprintf(phref, "%s?q=%s%s", templ->self,
> m_query_url_escaped.c_str(), m_r_str, m_ul_str);
> removing the 3rd %s from "%s?q=%s%s%s"
> Recompile and install, etc.
> This now allows "more results from" to work, but we don't know if we've
> broken anything else. All seems to be ok, but......
> If anyone has the same problem perhaps this will be helpful, or if we've
> made a horrible error, maybe someone could clue us in. :-)
> --charlie

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