RE: [aseek-users] Realms

From: Paul Stewart (no email)
Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 15:36:33 EST

Is anyone on this list or do I have the wrong list? :) I usually see
several messages a day along with many replies, not seeing them now...



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Subject: [aseek-users] Realms

Thought I had emailed this before... Guess not..:)

I'm looking for a way to add realms support to my AspSeek setup. I used
to use mnogosearch and could easily do it with that.

I want the system to allow all sites that I have "server" for which it does fine now, AS WELL as add all sites
it finds ending in ".ca".

Can anyone tell me what lines I need to change to permit this or if it
can be done at all?


Paul Stewart

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