Re: [aseek-users] indexing multiple subsets, and restricting search to subset

From: mark david mcCreary (no email)
Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 16:33:07 EST

>First of all, you should add all subsets to aspseek.subsets SQL table and run
>index -B, as described in this message:


Thanks for the clues. I have read that message, re-read the man
pages, and am now performing the following steps.

mysqlimport -uaspseek -pmypass aspseek subsets.txt

where subsets.txt contains (the first character is the TAB character,
for the subset_id field).

A select * from subsets shows valid data in that table.

I then run


followed by

index -B

These index commands give positive feedback about how many messages
are loaded, and how many in each subset.

The search HTML looks like this


I've also tried other variations of encoding characters, like

However these search queries bring back data from the entire space,
and I want the search to be restricted to just the messages in the
listone subset.

Does anybody see where I am going wrong ?

Thanks in advance.


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