Chapter 3 Unix Basics

Table of Contents
3.1 Synopsis
3.2 Permissions
3.3 Directory Structure
3.4 Mounting and Unmounting Filesystems
3.5 Processes
3.6 Daemons, Signals, and Killing Processes
3.7 Shells
3.8 Text Editors
3.9 Devices and Device Nodes
3.10 For More Information...
Rewritten by Chris Shumway.

3.1 Synopsis

The following chapter will cover the basic commands and functionality of the FreeBSD operating system. Much of this material is relevant for any Unix-like operating system. Feel free to skim over this chapter if you are familiar with the material. If you are new to FreeBSD, then you will definitely want to read through this chapter carefully.

After reading this chapter, you will know:

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